Sunday, April 26, 2009

#23 Rivers Edge-Algonquin Park-

Here is what the mantle is starting to look like.It is getting busy aroung here.

Recent last snow fall was two weeks ago and in some areas it snowed 23 centimetres.It Gave me an opportunity to paint my favourite march subject -Snow shadows.

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Eduarda said...

Hello Andrew
Hope your summer is going well. I like the winter scene with the bright spots. Great way to look at the sun effects on the snow. Imagine the mantle is now full and the surrounding walls are displaying the additional works of art.
Think of you often and wish you continued energy with perceptive sight. Our little "snow white"car is still running well and has been used quite a bit this summer.
Was using up my paints this morning and thought of your credit card instructions. GREAT!!
Cheers Eduarda