Monday, March 23, 2009

Loyalist College :Andrew Hamilton plein Aire painting workshop Ontario Canada 2009

Painting Like the
Code: PAIN 8053-7045
Instructor: Andrew Hamilton
Fee: $248.50 Sr. $142.00
Time: August 03 – 07; Mon – Fri,
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Have you ever wanted to learn to
paint like Van Gogh; simple shapes
and subjects like Matisse; masterful
and expressive pieces like Monet?
By learning to paint in acrylic or oil
using the three primary colours – red,
yellow and blue – plus white, you will
learn, without drawing, how to create
stunning, colourful works of art. This
course covers shape, colour, form and
composition for beginners and intermediates.
This is an on location painting
course. You will learn to paint such
diverse subject matter as landscapes,
farmlands, views from lake and many
other subjects in a highly creative
Andrew is an accomplished painter in
acrylic, oil and watercolour. Using a
highly imaginative palette of the three
primaries plus white, he has learned
that all the colours of the universe are
at hand. Traveling extensively and
painting mostly on location, Andrew
paints in all four seasons,
capturing the
beauty and natural
rhythms of each. He
studied in Victoria and
at OCAD and presently
teaches at St. Lawrence
College, as well as at
numerous galleries and
centres in Ontario

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